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ZDI Net prides itself on being able to offer you a number of animation options for your website, briefing presentations, multimedia product, or distance learning. 
  • At ZDI Net, file size is a key element in any design development package.
  • Our industry standard authoring software allows for the integration of audio, video, text, illustrations and 3D animation to create a dynamic presentation for any platform.  
  • Animations are not only limited to graphic files.  With creative and advanced Java Scripting, animations can enhance your web pages dramatically.  The butterflies following your mouse are only one of the effects that are available.
  • Macromedia Flash 5 allows for complex animations with small file sizes.  In addition, we can build highly interactive files that can support user input and feedback.

  • Animated GIFs can be text or images, depending on what you are trying to emphasize.  Below are some examples of this:


  • ZDI Net also has the ability to create stunning 3D effects with Newtek Lightwave 3D, Crystal 3D Impact Pro, Corel Bryce 3D and Xara 3D.
  • The only limitation on your 3D effects is your imagination.

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