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Photo Restoration

ZDI Net understands the value placed on family photos.  That is why we offer a photo restoration service that takes torn, faded, creased photos and restores them to near new condition.

See the example below of a 45 year old photo that was restored.


  •        - Both of these images are
              Macromedia Flash files.  
  •        - Just position your mouse over the
              photo and right click.
  •        - You will be given the option to "Zoom
  •        - Once you zoom in, you will notice
              your cursor will become a hand over
              the photo.
  •        - Just click and drag to compare both
              the before, and after restoration


For the purpose of this website, the quality of the photos has been reduced to keep the file size down. 

Our designers use the latest industry software to ensure the best possible quality can be restored to your family photos.


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